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Past Exhibition

Wandering. At sea

Tang Kwong San 

Opening 14 March, 5-8pm

14-29 March 2020 


Wandering. At sea
Tang Kwong San Solo Exhibition


In 2019, a five-starred flag is dropped in the sea and left to drift.


In 1974, gunboats patrol the border waters;

Someone at night, in the water, swimming to Hong Kong.


In 2017, mother whispers her story of a refugee fleeing to Hong Kong in a certain year.


In her old house, the hidden traces in the collages she made in the photo albums.

“After the thunderstorm” is written on a storybook inside her rusted box. 


This is the second Hidden Space Award exhibition, supporting an outstanding artist graduating from the RMIT University and Hong Kong Art School BAFA programme.

14-29 March 2020

Opening: Saturday 14 March, 5-8pm

Hours: Friday to Sunday, 1-6pm



TANG Kwong San (HK) was born in China and now lives in Hong Kong. He received his BAFA from RMIT University, Australia, in 2019. His practice combines photographs, drawings, objects and video that trace intergenerational family memories and social history. Through reorganising and reinterpreting old belongings, family photo albums and documents in a range of media, Tang explores the subtle, intricate and complex connections between longing, loss and belonging.


In his graduating year, Tang’s artwork was selected for several exhibitions showcasing the best of emerging artists in Hong Kong and the region, including Fresh Trend 2019, Hong Kong City Hall, and Long to Belong at Contemporary by Angela Li. In 2020, as well as his Hidden Space Award solo exhibition, his collaborative work with Yuen Nga Chi will be shown at Tai Kwun in the WMA Masters photography exhibition Light.

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