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The investigation of my family dinner table, 2015
inkjet print on archival glossy paper, 72 x 102 cm 

Hung Jin investigates the implications of everyday moments through candid photographic 'snapshots.' His ongoing project, In search of my daily bread, started in 2014. Through close examination of the minutiae of his everyday experience and surroundings, he explores manifestations of his Christian faith values. What’s revealed through the photographic lens embodies his key questions, spiralling outward from the intimately personal to a broader view of the world we inhabit: How do I understand and live my faith?; Can belief be found in everyday experiences?; What can be understood from close observation of the ordinary? The series captures an evolving and partial understanding that is open to dialogue and surprise insights. 

Hung Jin completed his MFA with RMIT, Australia and Hong Kong Art School, in 2016.

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