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Online Workshop

It's Your Turn

An Online Workshop

by Hidden Space


Part of the dis/posit}ions programme

by Starch for Singapore Art Week

21 January 2022, 7:30 - 9:00pm

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It’s Your Turn

This workshop uses board games to think through collaboration and community building. How might we use games as alternative models for co-constructed, non-hierarchical learning? Through teaching each other to play a selection of games, we consider how, whilst working within their rule-bound structures, we can create spaces for participation, support, gesture, and knowledge sharing.


This workshop is part of the dis/positions programme coordinated by independent art space Starch (SG), and takes place as part of Singapore Art Week 2022. 

dis/posit}ions is a project that proposes various routes of thinking while fostering tangential acts of unpacking, repacking, reorienting and rethinking; all with care.


Hidden Space is an independent artist-run initiative founded in 2017 by three Hong Kong artists, Katie Ho, Kay Mei Ling Beadman and Isabella Isabella. They work with artists and curators to develop and present experimental installation and performance artwork, providing opportunities for artists to extend their practice in a non-commercial and non-institutional environment. The space is tucked away in a working industrial building in the New Territories in Hong Kong. Katie, Kay and Isabella’s own practices are wildly different, ranging from drawing, installation, video, text and live performance. They met through doing their MFA together and have been keeping a critical conversation going and growing ever since.

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