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Shawn Pakhin Tang (HK)

Inertia (Pulse of your Dying Heart Equals Mine)


240v-to240v transformers, DC-to-DC converters, clock mechanisms, compass needles, extension cables

Shawn Pakhin TANG (HK) received his bachelor's degree from the Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University and is currently undertaking his MA at the University of the Arts Bremen, Germany. His practice encompasses diverse forms and mediums, with sculptures and installations often presenting combinations and manipulations of found objects, industrial materials, and analogue electronic-related components. Based on the physical properties of the materials, his visual and conceptual expressions consider the context of the materials, which may present one or more observable systems and transformation of the material nature, examining and encountering everyday topics with themes of danger, shifts in power, boundaries, tensions and mobility.

Tang's artworks have been exhibited in Germany, Taiwan and Hong Kong. He has recently participated in exhibitions and projects including “Sojourners of the World” (AVA, 2022), “Landescape 0.3” (2021), “Residual Heat” (Axel Vervoordt Gallery 2021), “BED THROW” (Wure Area, 2021).

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