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Crit Sessions

Ding-dong at the Hidden Sea

Occasional Art Crit Sessions
by artists, for artists

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Getting lonely in your studio and need a fresh perspective on your artwork? Are you missing the conversation that dives deep into your practice to challenge and improve?


We invite artists to join our critique sessions with like-minded artists to discuss your work in progress or your most recent creation. 


Bring your work and enjoy feedback, critical dialogue, exploration, mad artists, and good old artist playfulness. 


This is a three-hour free event hosted by Hidden Space founders, with limited seats for each session. 

Registration required





歡迎各位藝術創作者參加Hidden Space的藝術評論活動,與想法相近的人傾下你的作品。


只需帶同自己的作品到Hidden Space,我們將會在一個輕鬆而認真的環境進行藝術討論 ,希望能引發新觀點,亦藉此認識更多瘋狂的藝術家朋友。


全過程將由Hidden Space的成員帶領,傾足3小時。

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