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Adrian CORKE (AU)
Lưới Mắt Caó #5, 2017
acrylic on linen, 152.4  x 127 cm 

Adrian Corke's art practice synthesises fragments of memory and experience – the juxtapositions of time, culture and place. These relationships connect Corke to the world, help distil his thinking and provide a process for deeper inquiry. Ultimately, they manifest in the union between the intuitive and the formal, the spiritual and the mundane.  

He works in a range of media including, drawing, print and painting. Recently he has focussed principally on acrylic on wood panel, exploring ideas around colour and space within the genre of abstraction. High-key colours, shapes, pattern and texture (visual and actual) are used to create artworks that explore visual space and ideas of memory, sensuality and place.

Corke has an MFA from RMIT, Australia with Hong Kong Art School. Now based in Melbourne, he has also lived and studied in Viet Nam and Hong Kong. His work has been exhibited in Australia, Japan and Hong Kong and is in numerous public collections including the Art Gallery of Queensland, the Print Council of Australia and the Federation University Australian Art Collection.

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