Isabella NG (HK)
The body is resting  in a room with a view, 2014
performance documentation at The Heavenly Museum, Hong Kong
framed digital photograph on metallic photo paper 
Heavenly Objects #34-39, 2014
(Part of The Heavenly Museum collection)
Installation view at Sailor Neptune Part 1, Neptune, Hong Kong

Isabella Ng's practice engages the human body as the subject of mutual discovery, care, and resistance. Using transcendence as a framework, she composes, through performance, acts of intimacy; acts of imagined romantic affairs and acts of constructed realities. She also utilises objects with perceived transcendental values, to explore meaning through experiments, tests and acts. In this context, transcendence has the potential to become a state of temporal fulfilment for the audience.

Ng has a BFA from the Art Institute of Chicago, US and an MFA from RMIT Australia. She has performed in Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and the US.