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Isabella Isabella (HK/US)
The body is resting  in a room with a view, 2014
performance documentation at The Heavenly Museum, Hong Kong

framed digital photograph on metallic photo paper 

Heavenly Objects #34-39, 2014

Installation view at Sailor Neptune Part 1, Neptune, Hong Kong

Isabella Isabella (HK/US) was born in Hong Kong and grew up between Hong Kong and Chicago. She is named after her father's first love in kindergarten and shared her name with her half-sister when they were growing up. Blurring the boundaries between dramatization, fantasy, intimacy, and violence, Isabella Isabella uses the human body as a vessel of romantic experiences and fragmented narratives to foster transformative encounters among strangers. Frequently generating participants' uneasiness and vulnerability, she processes power structures in intimate relationships through live interactions in her work. In a carefully calibrated environment, Isabella Isabella, her performers and participants become mutually engaged, actively processing the experience, their live responses allowing new portraits of connectivity to emerge.


Isabella Isabella has a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, US, and an MFA from RMIT University, Australia. She has performed in Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore and the US.

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