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Current Exhibition

unsung matter(s)


Kate Siu (HK)

solo exhibition

1-29 October 2023


unsung matter(s)

Kate Siu

Solo Exhibition


1–29 October 2023

Friday to Sunday & Public Holidays 1-6pm



Hidden Space is delighted to present “unsung matter(s)” a solo exhibition by Kate Siu.


Using locally dug, unrefined clay and scavenged organic and man-made detritus, Siu generates extraordinary forms from unpromising materials. She allows us to step beyond our normal frames of reference to see the delicate equilibrium that is possible when we pay attention to things other than ourselves.


These composite forms suggest alternative ecosystems. In them we might glimpse downy feathers and wires, rocks and rusted metal parts, jewel-coloured pools of glass nestling in eggshell-thin craters. The shapes and structures are utterly varied, elongated, squat, tentacled, towering, tufted and more. At times almost aquatic or almost architectural, they are potentially both and yet neither. Here is an emergent co-existent newness. The artworks invite us to value the tenacious, the small, the astounding yet unsung matter of everyday life.




Kate Siu (HK) received her BFA from RMIT University and Hong Kong Art School in 2019. Prior to that she studied under ceramics mentor Shibata Setsuro in Japan from 2015. She has exhibited in Belgium at Ceramic Art Ardenne, as well as in Taiwan, Australia and Hong Kong.

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