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Kay Mei Ling BEADMAN (UK/HK)
Choreograph, 2015
felt, 1.78 x 13.4 m
Installation view at Silk Road: Portal to World Imagination, 2017, Xi'an Art Museum, Xi'an, China

Kay Mei Ling Beadman uses her mixed Chinese and English heritage as a springboard to explore the complexity of dual identity through the presence of the body. She considers the body as a repository of meaning, a physical reality forever in the present but remembering and continually in the process of being formed and reformed - an instrument that writes its own narrative. Her practice is multidisciplinary and includes video, installation, photography, text, painting and performance.


Beadman has a BFA from Reading University, UK, an MFA from RMIT, Australia, and a PhD from City University of Hong Kong. Since 1999, she has lived and worked in Hong Kong. Her artwork has been exhibited in Australia, China, Hong Kong, Serbia, Singapore, South Korea, Sri Lanka and the UK.

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