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Kobe Ko (HK)
WhatsApp Image 2020-12-11 at 6.40.20 PM
Curator Kobe Ko attends to every detail of Ice Wong Kei Suet'sThere's no beginning. There's No End.
Here she salvages material residue from the three-day durational performance.

At Hidden Space, September 2020

For the last two shows of 2020, Hidden Space collaborated with curator Kobe Ko to bring two durational performances to Hidden Space: There’s No Beginning. There’s No End by Ice Wong Kei Suet; and Trunk by Florence Lam. They were part of the first phase of the Post-Human Narratives project, in which Kobe brings together a group of nine women artists from Hong Kong, Japan and Taiwan to explore, individually and collectively, ideas around the politics of the cyborg in a contemporary social context. Kobe had proposed a group show featuring four of the Hong Kong artists as part of her then newly created project. Due to the pandemic, what should have been the first physical exhibition of the project in early 2020 didn't happen, but forced to be adaptive, Kobe embraced the challenge, pivoted online, developed a flexible approach and brought us two vital performances to close out the year. 

The Post-human Narratives project centres around Donna Haraway’s “A Cyborg Manifesto” and takes keywords “cyborg”, “boundaries”, and “situation” as starting points. In the first phase, in 2020, each artist proposed their own perspectives and focuses. The second phase takes “The Co-Existing Land” as a subtopic and reimagines Cattle Depot Artists Village, Unit 12 (another much larger HK venue), as a site of experimentation. Haraway proposed “situatedness” instead of “fragmented identities” to emphasise the importance of connection. Oppression and exploitation do not just disappear, a great deal of communication and negotiation between stakeholders must take place before real consensus can be reached. The idea of “carrying out a project” embodies a co-construction in nature. In this sense, the Post-Human Narratives project makes us a temporary collective - the curator, artists, designer, network engineers, technicians, interns… we all play various roles and become an integral part of this artistic project. As each one of us imagines a different utopia, is it possible to create a co-existing land?

Kobe KO (HK) graduated from the Dept. of Creative Arts & Culture, Hong Kong University of Education, and has an MA in Gender Studies from Shih Hsin University, Taiwan. She is a curator, writer, life model, and co-founder of nomad nomad. Her curatorial projects include CHOW KAI CHIN Community Art Experimental Project (2013 & 2014), Jubilee, Mayumi Hosokura solo exhibition (2017), -Fade away- Mitsuru Nishimura solo exhibition (2018), and the ongoing multi-format Post-Human Narratives project (2020 - present).

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