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HO Hang Yi (HK)

一個人練習 Practice alone, 2016 

pencil on paper, 10 x15 cm


Ho Hang Yi was born in rural China in 1990 and moved to Hong Kong at the age of 8. Taking inspiration from her personal experiences, she condenses and reconstructs familiar and alien scenes from everyday life to portray her diasporic identity. Her works often depict the complex feelings of indifference, uncertainty, anxiety and attachment associated with her origin and current place of residence.


She received her BFA from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2015.

Selected Solo Exhibitions


The Unitary Moment 單一時刻 , Happy Hippo Studio, Fu Tak Building, Hong Kong



Far Away Now 逃離記 , Ho Yo Space, Tainan, Taiwan 

Selected Group Exhibitions


N22.5°E 高度一致 , The Failure Group, Hidden Space, Hong Kong

Affordable Art Fair, Karin Weber Gallery, HK Convention & Exhibition Centre, Hong Kong

New to Print 版畫雙年展 : A Contemporary Print Biennial, Hong Kong Open Printshop, Hong Kong

The Failure Group Joint Exhibition 庸才合作社–立社鳴朵展 , JCCAC, Hong Kong

What Has Been, Will Be Lost Until We Find It 曾發生的會失去 , 直至再遇上 , Karin Weber Gallery, Hong Kong



One Drop Farmland  一畝阿華田 , Gallery Young C8, Pier-2 Art Center, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan 

Draw Gyeongju, Gallery Row, Gyeongju, South Korea


Keep Walking 浪遊者 , Academy of Visual Arts Gallery, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong



Wi1 Wang4 Wang4 喴耾耾 , 2015 Chinese University BA Fine Arts Graduation Exhibition, Art Museum, CUHK, Hong Kong

Rice Five 五⽃⽶ , Hui Gallery, CUHK, Hong Kong



Utopia ⼩國寡民 , New Asia College Chi'en Mu Library, CUHK, Hong Kong

Diving Yawn ⼀刻呵⽋ , Department of Fine Arts, CUHK, Hong Kong



I Married Christmas 聖誕痴膠紙 , Hui Gallery, CUHK, Hong Kong

Hallo, Werther 再⾒維特 , The Art of CUHK 2013, Cheng Ming Building, New Asia College, CUHK, Hong Kong



Professor Mayching Kao Fine Arts Fund Scholarship



Vitamin D Award 

Culture Corner Art Academy Fine Arts Award - Western Painting