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MOK Ting Yan (HK)
People will say I am a monster with what I have done,
Chewing gum, refrigerator, single channel digital video, found objects, text
Overall dimensions variable

Installation view at  喴耾耾耾耾 Wi1 Wang4 Wang4 Wang4 Wang4, chi K11 art space, K11, Hong Kong, 2015

Mok Ting Yan works mostly in mixed media, emphasising the existence of an incident or an object through archiving it. By collecting and recording related information, she gives an account of an event or object's nature as a way to express her feelings toward it. In this way, through deconstruction and reconstuction, a simple daily commodity can be regenerated to become something surprising, something that may allow us to reach a new interpretation of it.


She received her BFA from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2015. She has exhibited in Taiwan and regularly in Hong Kong.

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