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Past Exhibitions

Enduring Reality Part 2:

By the Mountain by the Sea 


Isabella Ng (HK)

25 February 2017

Enduring Reality Part 2: By the Mountain by the Sea 山盟海誓 is the second of three linked exhibitions exploring the interface between interior and exterior experience. 


By the Mountain by the Sea is a one-off live performance artwork 


"Nothing lasts. I was never taught to make things last, to see how things last. To be forever. Never learned to make things that will not end. I grew up with love songs that are apologetic, misgiving and foolishly painful. Words are about moments that want to last but they never do. My city never lasts. My street changes. The light changes. The colour changes. And everything learns to fade. And time and space is meaningless now because there is no end. With all the urges to change and we stand still in a cycle of urges. This is the one thing that lasts. This is the condition that becomes the realm of endlessness. We will never grow because we have never learned to see an end. And I am soaked in love songs. In temporariness."

Isabella Ng

By the Mountain by the Sea, 2017
performance 47:00
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